About Bob White

Bob White is a co-founder and CEO, bringing more than three decades of local and international experience in the IT sector, including sales and senior management roles at Unisys, Fujitsu, PA Consulting Group, Telstra and startup EDX.

ViewDS CTO Gil Kirkpatrick Named Microsoft MVP


ViewDS CTO Gil Kirkpatrick was recognized today by Microsoft for his contributions to the technology community with his 15th consecutive Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. "It's a great recognition for doing something I like doing anyway." Kirkpatrick said. "With all of the changes in identity and security technology, there's no shortage of people who have [...]

ViewDS CTO Gil Kirkpatrick Named Microsoft MVP2019-07-01T09:28:23-04:00

Facilitating Machinery-of-Government Changes


A recent federal election in my home country has reminded me of the disruption and work load on IT resources that can arise from organizational changes in governments and in complex enterprises. Inevitably a change in government leads to a reshuffle of the bureaucracy with new ministries, merging of departments, movement of [...]

Facilitating Machinery-of-Government Changes2020-08-20T11:13:12-04:00
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