Provisioning Users

Provisioning and deprovisioning users through manual processes has implications for costs, security, and data integrity.

And while provisioning may be provided with a full IAM solution, these systems come with additional functionality that may not be required. And, more importantly, at a cost that cannot be justified.

Solution: ViewDS Identity Bridge

Identity Bridge delivers provisioning and deprovisioning without the major investment in a complex IAM system or dependence on a single vendor.

Features include the ability to connect to any data source, apply bespoke transformations, trigger notifications, and collect auditing data.

Key benefits include the efficiency and cost savings of a stand-alone, light-weight utility that seamlessly integrates with every component of your infrastructure.

  • Pre-built connectors to cloud & on-prem resources, plus API for custom connectors

  • Pre-built connectors include Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, XML, CSV/LDIF, Web Services
  • Intuitive UI to define synchronization tasks, with JavaScript and Java capabilities

  • Lightweight and platform independent with high-speed processing
  • Low-cost, rapid deployment with high scalability

  • Automated synch, change detection, Delta Processing