Authorization Services

For an organization that stores sensitive information, it’s essential to ensure that the right people can access the right data at the right time.

However, managing authorization policy across all your cloud and on-premises applications can be a major challenge.

The legacy approach is to embed entitlement within every application. When a user attempts to access an application, the application interrogates a local copy of the authorization policy to determine the user’s access rights.

Problem with embedded authorization
Embedding Authorization is Inefficient, Error-Prone, and Costly
  • Even simple changes of policy involve updates to each and every application.

  • Auditing for compliance involves examining each application individually.

  • Support staff may need to tackle the same tasks in many different ways, through different interfaces on different platforms.

Solution: ViewDS Access Sentinel

Access Sentinel is a highly efficient authorization server that centralizes the management and processing of authorization policy.

As well as providing a more efficient approach to maintaining and auditing policy, Access Sentinel allows access controls to be applied globally and consistently. Life becomes easier for support staff as they can define policy for all applications in one hit through a single, intuitive user interface.

The world also becomes a little brighter for software developers as they no longer need to write an entitlement layer for each new application. Instead, Access Sentinel provides a lightweight Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) at the application to enforce the access-control decisions made centrally.

Centralized authorization service
  • Centralized management across all on-premises and cloud applications

  • Integrated architecture with native XML support is efficient, secure, and scalable

  • Intuitive UI for no-code policy definitions in the same format for all applications

  • Rapid app integration with pre-built PEPs and integration kits

  • Streamlines managing policy, auditing for compliance, and integrating applications

Full IAM Solution?

All the features and benefits of Access Sentinel are also provided by ViewDS Cobalt IAM, a comprehensive IAM solution for Cloud Service Providers.