Enterprise IAM

Maintaining IAM for applications spread across multiple cloud and on-premises platforms is a complex and time-consuming task.

It’s common for an enterprise to have applications and services across different cloud platforms, while also retaining critical infrastructure on-premises. This helps reduce the risk of downtime, vendor lock-in, and cost vulnerabilities. However, whatever the combination, all resources must be secured through an effective IAM solution.

Current market solutions require users and administrators to have access credentials for multiple platforms. As well as making administration highly inefficient, there’s also a risk to security, costs and the user experience.

Legacy enterprise IAM
Single centralized IAM solution

Solution: ViewDS Cobalt IAM

ViewDS Cobalt IAM is a world’s first. 

It delivers a single, centralized system from which to manage all aspects of IAM across disparate platforms.

Cobalt provides policy-driven access control to secure your applications and services over multiple cloud and on-prem environments. Features include single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, resource synchronization, user provisioning, along with Help Desk and White Pages applications.