Identity & Access Management Solutions

Highly adaptable components that add value to vendor, integrator, white-label and reseller services.

On-premises and cloud IAM, zero trust, ABAC, directory and sync solutions.

IAM Products

Identity Bridge

Synchronize data across all your enterprise and cloud systems. Light-weight tool delivers automated provisioning and deprovisioning, seamless migration, ‘single source of truth’. Connect any data source.

Access Sentinel

Deliver fine-grained, attribute-based access control across all on-prem and cloud applications. Authorization server centralizes policy processing and management to increase efficiency and strengthen security.

ViewDS Directory

Meet the demands of critical infrastructure while delivering a superior user experience that increases adoption and protects ROI. Robust security, high availability, and efficient management.

Cobalt IAM

Manage IAM for multiple tenants from a single console across multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premises. Centralized admin of schema, provisioning, authentication, and access-control policy.

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