Risk: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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Risk: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly The world is simply riddled with danger and mystery.  On the one hand, it can be fun and exhilarating. Taking your first climb, starting a new job, or changing careers.  All have fun [...]

Facilitating Machinery-of-Government Changes

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Facilitating Machinery-of-Government Changes A recent federal election in my home country has reminded me of the disruption and work load on IT resources that can arise from organizational changes in governments and in complex enterprises. Inevitably a change in government leads [...]

Passwords Must Die!

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Passwords Must Die! Identity is a core component of cybersecurity, and as such I tend to pay attention to security breaches and the various exploits that underlie them. The picture is not pretty. Just considering the top 20 breaches in 2018, [...]

Hybrid Identity Conference: All Tech And No Marketing

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Hybrid Identity Conference: All Tech And No Marketing A lot of you will remember (fondly I hope) the Directory Experts Conference (DEC) we ran when I was at NetPro. DEC was a technology education and networking event focused on Microsoft identity [...]

13 Things To Look For In A Cloud Identity Store

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The first, and arguably most important component of your cloud identity system is the identity and attribute store. It forms the heart of any identity system, whether it be a cloud-based or on-premises application. So what should you look for in a cloud identity store? Here are 13 questions we think you should be asking: [...]

What is Cloud Computing

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The term “cloud computing” has been around for quite a while, at least as far back as 2006 when Amazon started promoting their “elastic compute cloud”, or what is now know as EC2. [...]

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