I Don’t Know Who You Are, But I’m Going To Help You Anyway…

Being a Managed Service Provider is challenging.  To be a viable business you need to provide excellent service, keep things running lean, attract talent, and stay on top of technology trends and they’re not mutually exclusive.  While there are quite a few MSP’s out there, it’s hard to determine who will survive as the market becomes saturated.

Most MSP’s are looking to security to be a new foundation and market differentiator.  Security will take on different shapes and sizes depending on the business model that the MSP embraces.

MSP’s will typically align themselves to some guiding principles and a framework.  Inside of that framework they’re going to have products and services that will help provide some type of proactive monitoring/management and/or they’ll provide some type of system for remediation. 

All MSP’s to speak of have some type of call center with software that allows customers to track their trouble tickets.  These systems are purpose-built for MSP’s. They’re separated by tenant inside of a database and provide different levels of access to those tickets by user.  The one thing that isn’t often done is distinguishing one user from another.

What’s in your service process?  What makes it great? Arguably it’s the people and the process that you have that distinguishes you from the rest, but as you grow, a bigger question starts to pop up.  How do you distinguish one customer from the next? When a user calls in, how do you validate that it’s the user that calls. Sure, it may be simple for users that you know, but not all members of your help desk know all the users in an organization.  Do you use email confirmations? How hard is it to hijack or monitor an email account? What’s the biggest compromise to an organization?

That’s where we can help.  Our solutions are uniquely positioned to help the MSP identify the user on the other end and much more.  You’re already in the business of providing service to your customers. Let’s talk about how you can do that more securely and give your customers some peace of mind.

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