Enterprise Directory Services

Your enterprise needs a directory that can securely store and manage access to identities of internal staff, external consumers and suppliers, services and things, whether standalone or integrated with other systems, on-premises or in the cloud. To accomplish this, simple LDAP functionality is not enough. Your enterprise directory will likely require additional functions and capabilities, including:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Security of access
  • Compliance to standards for interoperability – LDAP, X.500, ACP133, XACML
  • User Interface for human interaction
  • Searchability

The central identity repository of your Enterprise Directory Service serves as the clearinghouse for identity data across the enterprise. It accepts data feeds from multiple identity sources such as the HR system and self-service applications, providing consistent and rationalized view of the identity data between other systems and applications, while supporting data replication for geographic distribution and reliability.

Our product solutions: ViewDS Directory Server or Cobalt

An effective central identity repository features sophisticated indexing, quick and intuitive search functionality, and a directory structure that maps the real-world hierarchies of your enterprise. All managed from an intuitive, built-in programmable web interface. You’ll need detailed access controls and uncomplicated support for end-user self-service and delegated administration functions.  Fortunately, ViewDS offers two products that provide all this.

ViewDS Directory Server

ViewDS Directory Server is an ideal solution for an Enterprise Directory Service. It provides industry-standard X.500 and LDAP interfaces, supports multiple highly-flexible schemas, offers excellent performance and reliability, and its XACML-based fine-grained access control allows controlled directory access down to the attribute and value level.  Not just another LDAP directory.

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Cobalt from ViewDS offers the same industry-leading features as ViewDS Directory Server, along with support for modern web-based protocols including OData, OpenID Connect, and SAML. Its containerized, microservice-based architecture allows easy deployment across on-prem, private cloud, and public cloud environments. An API-driven configuration integrates with DevOps tools to provide a highly agile identity platform, rapidly configured to meet changing business needs.

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