Enterprise Directory Services

Sourcing a directory that meets the rigorous demands of critical infrastructure is a significant task in itself.

However, this is only half the battle…

Solution: ViewDS Directory

ViewDS Directory delivers a solid platform of functionality, significantly reducing the development, testing and support costs associated with a bespoke solution.

It provides fail-over replication, advanced security and flexible management, and is capable of managing millions of entries and processing thousands of queries per second.

With its high availability, data integrity and efficient management, ViewDS is a natural choice for critical infrastructure.

directory services
  • LDAP, X.500, XED support provides flexibility and integration options

  • ABAC, RBAC, XACML access control for greater flexibility and control

  • Powerful admin tools to configure and manage directories locally or remotely

  • Robust, secure, and scalable to tens of millions of entries

  • Continuous operation and fail-over configuration options

  • Synchronisation for seamless migration plus ‘single source of truth’

Superior User Experience

Ready-to-go web application, Access Presence, minimizes the learning curve and maximizes user adoption. Users are more likely to accept and use the technology, improving productivity and reducing the risk of investment.