Cobalt IAM

Cobalt IAM allows service providers, integrators and vendors to deliver bespoke IAM solutions that meet a wide range of customers’ needs.

Features include the ability to manage multiple tenants from a single location, irrespective of whether they span multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, or on-premises infrastructure. Cobalt also ensures customers have full control of their data and the flexibility to tailor access controls, user interfaces, and schema according to their requirements.

Key benefits include the efficiency and risk mitigation that arise when a secure, unified IAM replaces multiple, disparate systems.

Making Life Simpler for MSPs

Manage all IAM services for all tenants from a single, secure application. Increase efficiency while decreasing the costs and risks associated with managing multiple IAM platforms.

  • Manage all IAM for many tenants from ONE application

  • Retain full control of all IAM functionality and data

  • Provision users across each tenant’s infrastructure

  • Provide RBAC, ABAC, single sign-on and MFA

  • Offer different levels of IAM service to different tenants

  • Synchronize with proprietary IAMs and other systems

With the option to delegate tasks to tenant admins, everyday updates can kept in the hands of the people best qualified to keep abreast of change:

  • Manage password policy

  • Manage users’ access to applications and services

  • Extend the IAM data model (e.g. to store additional information)

IAM for Cloud Service Providers

Manage access to all your applications and services from a single, secure web application.

Cobalt delivers a suite of features designed with CSPs in mind.

IAM solution for cloud service providers

Multi-tenancy for simple deployment and admin, and more efficient operation – manage many tenants from one application.

Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication through Cobalt’s identity provider (IdP) enhances security and the user experience.

Extensible data model and access controls; custom password policy; option to delegate these admin areas to tenants.

Externalized authorization provides the flexibility of RBAC and ABAC (supports zero trust) to your applications and services.

REST API to develop bespoke user interfaces; or to integrate Cobalt features into your apps and services.

Container-based deployment is platform agnostic as well as rapid, robust and scalable.

Cobalt Web Apps

Optionally, integrate logos and branding – either yours or each of your tenant’s – into Cobalt’s user interfaces.

Who Else Uses Cobalt

Modernize your existing identity platform with directory services, single sign-on, and fine-grained access controls across on-prem and multi-cloud environments.

Improve your application and data security with automated provisioning, plus synchronization of identity data across platforms and applications, and provide access to enterprise information with White Pages.

Even though basic authentication is frequently the simplest IAM functionality to implement, ‘roll your own’ authentication is difficult to implement securely.

Cobalt provides robust, standardized authentication mechanisms that an application developer can use out of the box, saving time and effort, and improving overall application security. Cobalt also provides multi-factor and social login options to the developer.

Enterprise customers are increasingly requiring their applications to be spread across on-premises and cloud platforms. This is accommodates multiple SaaS platforms, increases availability, and reduces risk.

Cobalt provides a single encompassing IAM solution across multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premises infrastructure.