ViewDS Identity Solutions is pleased to announce the general availability of ViewDS v7.5. The new version of ViewDS includes several major enhancements, bug fixes, and performance enhancements including:

  • Import and export of XACML policy is now available in the ViewDS Management Agent (VMA), providing the flexibility to migrate access controls between systems (from a test to production system, for example).
  • Remote install mode for the ViewDS Management Agent (VMA) allows installation through mechanisms such as Active Directory GPO without any interaction with the installer. There is also the option to generate an installation log.
  • XACML Delegation allows a directory administrator to delegate management of XACML policy to users, and therefore decentralize administration. To illustrate, an individual within a business unit could be given responsibility for managing their colleagues’ access to specific areas of the directory.
  • Parallel processing of replication agreements provides greater scalability and improves propagation times. As a failure or latency associated with a replication agreement has no effect on the processing of others, a single supplier directory can now handle far more consumers without lagging.
  • Nlog is now implemented by the ViewDS Management Agent to provide high-performance, flexible logging, which aids support and tracing of new policy, for example.
  • CORS policy can be declared to facilitate secure access to web resources that implement cross-domain scripting. This prevents abuse, such as a script running that reads a password field on a secure site. (This feature applies to Access Sentinel.)

For further information about ViewDS Directory v7.5 please review release notes or contact us.