Managed Service Provider IAM

Managing services for multiple tenants with infrastructure spread across cloud and on-premises platforms can be a complex task.

And the complexity increases further when your tenants’ infrastructure includes multiple identity and access management (IAM) platforms.

Everyday tasks, such as resetting user passwords, provisioning and deprovisioning users, and verifying identity for help-desk services, become much more involved and time-consuming than they should be.

The inefficiencies of managing multiple tenants and IAM platforms carries not only a significant overhead but also an inherent risk to quality of service.

Multiple IAM systems

Solution: ViewDS Cobalt IAM

ViewDS Cobalt IAM delivers a single, centralized system from which to control all aspects of identity and access management for many tenants.

Cobalt IAM increases efficiency, security and quality of service, which together deliver greater levels of customer satisfaction.

From the ‘get go’, with rapid container-based deployment, Cobalt makes life simpler for MSPs.

  • Manage IAM for many tenants from ONE application

  • Offer different levels of IAM service to different tenants

  • Enforce help-desk verification via email, SMS, or security question

  • Single sign-on, identity federation, and two-factor authentication

  • Externalized authorization offers the flexibility of RBAC and ABAC

  • Provision users across a tenant’s entire infrastructure

  • Synchronize with proprietary IAMs

  • Extensible schema and access controls

Making Life Simpler for MSPs

Optionally, delegate everyday admin tasks to a tenant administrator: