4 Critical IAM Features for MSPs

As a Managed Service Provider, you have unique challenges that evolve every day. From the changing technology landscape, security threats, and the balancing act that comes with appropriate staffing, your plate is full. We’ve been there, which is why we developed solutions that help address unique needs for your organization.  READ MORE

Cloud Identify is Different

While developing a cloud application is not very different from developing an on-premises application, cloud application architecture does differ in several important ways. We outline these differences and discuss three approaches to dealing with identity in cloud-based applications. READ MORE

ViewDS Directory Server

Why and When to Consider ViewDS Directory

There are many directory servers available on the market. Most are LDAP directories featuring varying degrees of capability and performance, and many are simply directories by second nature having been built on other technology, such as Relational Databases or Network devices. ViewDS Directory Server is a very powerful LDAP server but also offers a number of significant additional capabilities that meet specific requirements. This paper explores some of those uses. READ MORE

Approximate Matching

Humans searching for information online are just that – human. They will make errors, misspell, or use abbreviations in their searches: These failures accessing your databases or even address books can lead to frustration, wasted time, and generally a poor user experience. This paper explains the benefits of using approximate matching (aka “fuzzy” matching) functions in your human accessible databases. READ MORE

Scalable and Distributed Solutions

ViewDS directory-based products have some unique features that deliver superior performance, reliability and operability in large distributed environments.  This document discusses ViewDS Directory Server’s capabilities for operating in a distributed and replicated environment. READ MORE

Alternate Hierarchies

Many LDAP directories need to have flat structures for performance reasons. This limits their ability to reflect real-world structures. ViewDS Directory Server not only has a directory tree that maps real hierarchies but can also map alternative groups in the same directory. This paper illustrates the possible uses of such a capability. READ MORE

Machinery of Government

Governments and other complex organizations are continually making changes to their roles, names, structures etc. Access to this changed information is often critical to operations and public access, but reflecting such changes in repositories like databases and directories can be very time-consuming, onerous, and slow. Even an apparently minor change such as updating a department name or an email domain can be a major nightmare for organizations. This paper describes how such changes can be made in minutes rather than weeks. READ MORE

Access Sentinel Authorization Server

Access Sentinel XACML Policy Enforcement System

The XACML Policy Enforcement System explained and how ViewDS product solutions can help reduce administrative overhead, provide comprehensive access logging for auditing and compliance reporting, to offer a robust and efficient XACML Policy Server by leveraging the underlying Directory and XML capabilities. READ MORE

Location, Location, Location: Where You Put Your Identity Attributes Matters

Learn the difference between role-based versus attribute-based access control, the attribute-based nature of XACML, its policies and processing, and solutions to resolving its dirty little secret. READ MORE

General Technical Information

Making Office 365 Work with an External SAML Identity Provider

Integrating Cobalt Identity Server with Office 365 (O365) using SAML 2.0 for web SSO?  This post provides a straightforward, step-by-step guide to configuring O365 to use SAML SSO, also helping those attempting to integrate O365 with an external SAML IdP. READ MORE

ViewDS and PKI

Description and comparison of the three main ways in which Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications might use an LDAP or X.500 directory as a repository for application data, and points out the advantages of using ViewDS in such deployments. READ MORE

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