Identity Provisioning & Synchronization

Many enterprises, no matter how sophisticated, have situations where identity and other data is out of sync across different repositories. Often these are inadequately rectified by manual processes or scripting. These involve unnecessary costs, accuracy, and timeliness of data problems, security, and data integrity issues and continuing support of scripts.

Often the sync tools of major vendors are embedded in their IAM suites. This can be complex and costly, hard to access and deploy, and often becomes a low priority for IT staff.

Our product solution:  Identity Bridge

Identity Bridge is a data synchronization engine for enterprises and integrators who need to provision identity data between applications. Unlike costly and insecure manual processes, Identity Bridge helps you maintain timeliness and accuracy of data between applications, helping you more effectively manage costs and security. Whether you’re an enterprise or integrator, small or large, public or private,  Identity Bridge ensures data shared across your applications is accurate and current, at lower operating cost.