Resource Synchronization

As organizations grow and expand their software infrastructure, the need to synchronize data between disparate systems, and to track and audit change, becomes increasingly complex.

Many enterprises, no matter how sophisticated, have situations where identity and other data becomes out of sync across different repositories. Attempts to rectify this often involve manual processes or scripting, which introduces new issues relating to costs, security, and data integrity.

While synchronization may be embedded within a full IAM solution, these systems are highly complex and provide additional functionality that may not be required. And, more importantly, at a cost that cannot be justified.

Multiple processes and scripts

Solution: ViewDS Identity Bridge

Light-weight sync tool

Identity Bridge is a highly flexible synchronization tool that allows you to extract, transform and load data across all your enterprise and cloud systems.

Deliver, for example, automated provisioning, seamless migration, and a ‘single source of truth’.

Key benefits include the efficiency and cost savings of a stand-alone, light-weight utility that seamlessly integrates with every component of your infrastructure.

Key Features

Features include the ability to connect to any data source, apply bespoke transformations, trigger notifications, and collect auditing data.