Cloud Directory Services

Need to quickly set up and securely manage identity services in the cloud? Need easy-to-deploy identity components featuring secure identity storage?

Do you need flexible, scalable directory services for your new cloud application? Are brittle, hard to change directory schemas slowing your development? Is your traditional LDAP directory technology not well suited to your modern DevOps approach?

Modern application architectures place new requirements on your directory platform. LDAP’s connection-oriented design was fine for on-premises scenarios, but modern applications need a web API-based directory service with a flexible, graph-oriented schema and built-in load-balancing and failover.

Our product solution:  Cobalt

Cobalt is an identity and access management platform that provides flexible, graph-oriented directory services for your applications using the standard OData web API.

  • Graph-oriented data model
  • Containerized, runs on any infrastructure-as-a-service platform
  • OData web API
  • Built-in replication and internal load balancing
  • Flexible schema, extensible at runtime
  • Fine-grained, policy-based access controls
  • Built-in synchronization engine to pull data from external data sources

Cobalt is the answer for secure, flexible directory services for your cloud-based applications.

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