Self-service Password Resets

As an MSP you’re challenged to provide fast and effective service.  Garner estimates that over 30% of all help desk related calls are associated with password resets?  And, those can cost your organization upwards of $70 per call according to Forrester research.  We can’t tell you how many calls you get, but with ongoing password management policies, clean desk policies, and more – you can bet that those calls are costing your business (and your customers) a lot of money.

Enabling Your Customers, and Gaining More Efficiency

They tend to be quick calls, but there tends to be lots of them.  We’d ask you how many calls you’ve received for password resets, but we’re not sure if you want to count.  As an MSP you need to provide a better solution to your customers.


Cobalt is the world’s first IAM solution built for the MSP.  Our solution combines telco-grade security with flexibility to fit MSPs of all sizes.  Cobalt provides the capability to adapt the passwords to a multi-tenant password policy, so users and the MSP have the ability to easily manage their own password resets.  The simple-to-use reset procedure provides the comfort for users to do it on their own while reducing the MSP’s help desk call load and freeing your help desk to pursue more important tasks.

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