Help Desk Verification

Don’t let help desk calls make you vulnerable to security risks

How do you distinguish one customer from the next?  When a user calls in, how do you validate the caller’s identity?  Sure, it may be simple for users that you know, but not all members of your help desk know all the users in an organization.

Do you use email confirmations?  What if the caller’s email account has been hijacked?  What’s the biggest compromise to an organization?


Cobalt is the world’s first IAM solution built for the MSP.  Our vendor neutral approach allows your help desk to still offer great service while providing simple steps to validate the user’s identity.  Our solution gives you the capability to send SMS messages, provide a simple challenge question, or you can use your MFA solution that you already invested in.  No matter which method you choose, Cobalt will ensure that you’re creating that additional layer of security to identify your users.  Cobalt helps you make sure that when a customer calls for help, you know exactly who they are.

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