Technology is dynamic, chaotic, and at times something that evolves beyond its creator’s original vision.  The challenge of staying relevant in a time where there’s a constant barrage of startups can be never ending.  Finding the right technology at the right time is like finding the diamond in the rough.  With a sea of vendors out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint just what they’ll be able to provide for you.  Similar to finding good people…many have a particular skill set, but that one important thing you look for in a person is the ability to solve problems and that should be the same criteria for a vendor’s solution.

When we set out to re-imagine Cobalt, it was done through a very specific lens. We decided to solve problems I experienced first-hand in years of building, managing, and growing operations within the MSP industry. Cobalt combines all the components of tried and true software into a platform with unique capabilities to solve problems that MSP’s face in their daily operations.

We’re truly excited about the next phase in the evolution of Cobalt and we’re looking forward to providing MSP’s access to the right resources at the right time.