Cobalt.  Ingenious identity solution.

Cobalt is an identity and access management platform that provides centrally managed, policy-driven access control to secure applications and information across multiple clouds, on-premises, and hybrid environments. It provides a quick-to-deploy and inexpensive way to deliver flexible and scalable, best-practice IAM solutions that make use of open standards such as OpenID Connect, OAuth 2, SAML and OData.  Cobalt is the complete solution.

The complete solution.

Comprehensive, secure, and highly agile, Cobalt adapts to your unique environment to meet your specific needs.
  • Multi-cloud / hybrid-cloud IAM.  Modernize your existing identity platform with directory services, single sign-on, and fine-grained access controls across on-prem and multi-cloud environments. Run authentication and authorization services in one or more public cloud environments while keeping identity data and access control policies in the on-premises private cloud.

  • RESTful API services.  Cobalt offers a comprehensive set of RESTful API interfaces to facilitate secure data access and identity management.

  • On-premises IAM.  Cobalt makes getting identities into the cloud directory simple. Our synchronization engine component provides a quick and easy way to migrate and synchronize identities from more or less any source – including on-premises Active Directory – into the cloud.

  • Federated Authentication & Single Sign-On.  Cobalt supports local username and password authentication, as well as single sign-on to multiple applications using OpenID Connect. Cobalt can operate in a federated environment, consuming authentication tokens from other cloud or on-premises identity management systems that support SAML or identities from your customers on-premises Active Directory.

  • Identity Provisioning & Synchronization.  A synchronization engine provides a quick and easy way for your customers to migrate and synchronize on-premises identities to your online service.

  • Cloud Directory Services.  Robust and secure. Integrated policy-based access controls provide complete control over who can access the identity data. And an OData RESTFul API provides easy access for your application.

  • Application Access Control.  Externalize your application authorization decisions. Access control policies, decisions and the decision-making logic that underpin them are all handled by our XACML v3.0 policy-based authorization server, reducing the footprint and complexity of your application.

  • Designed for multi-tenancy.  Easily set up new enterprise tenants, keeping data separate and secure, while configuring features and services on a tenant-by-tenant basis.

  • Software, not a service.  Rapidly deploy and securely manage your own identity services in the cloud while retaining ownership and control of your identity data, and managing costs.

Who uses Cobalt?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face critical marketplace challenges, such as the trend towards using massive PaaS vendor services such as AWS and Microsoft Azure; this threatens the very existence of “traditional” MSPs.  It’s important to find new revenue-growth opportunities by identifying and offering more value-added and differentiated services.  Cobalt’s federated, multi-tenant architecture provides an ideal platform for MSPs to deliver customized, high-value identity-as-a-service offerings to their customers.

Modernize your existing identity platform with directory services, single sign-on, and fine-grained access controls across on-prem and multi-cloud environments.  Improve your application and data security with automated provisioning, deprovisioning, and synchronization of identity information across platforms and applications and provide access to enterprise-wide information with enterprise-wide white pages.

Even though basic user authentication is perhaps the easiest IAM functionality for a developer to implement, “rolling your own” authentication is surprisingly difficult to implement securely. Cobalt provides robust, standardized authentication mechanisms that an application developer can use out of the box, saving time and effort, and improving overall application security. Cobalt also provides multi-factor and social login options for the developer.

Your enterprise customers demand, or soon will, that their applications be spread across multiple cloud platforms for availability, vendor and risk reasons – in addition to their on-premise requirements. Can you provide a single encompassing IAM solution to manage access to these applications?

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