Access Sentinel Authorization Server

Access Sentinel is an authorization server built on the ViewDS Directory Server, allowing third-party applications to externalize their access control decisions. Based on XACML v3.0, it provides a policy-based access control solution making applications faster, easier, and safer to use. Fine-grained access control policies, based on roles or attributes, determine whether users can gain access to information, as illustrated below:

The architecture of Access Sentinel Authorization Server is unique because it’s built on ViewDS Directory Server, allowing both identity and policy information to be stored in a single repository. This provides substantial on-prem identity advantages in terms of efficiency, security, and scalability. Access Sentinel also provides a comprehensive policy management interface for creating and maintaining policies.

Why Access Sentinel?

Access Sentinel eliminates the network latency and poor security inherent in more traditional externalized authorization services. It features:

  • ABAC and RBAC XACML 3.0 authorization service

  • Integrated attribute store, that is secure, dedicated, high-performance, and highly available

  • Overcome security and performance limitations of traditional authorization solutions

  • High-level attribute quality and consistency without affecting other enterprise systems

  • Strict controls of access to authorization attributes

  • Maintains the additional attributes required for authorization

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