ViewDS Identity and Access Management Solutions for On-Premises and Cloud Applications

ViewDS develops ingenious identity and access management solutions for on-premises and cloud applications. We provide outstanding IAM solutions for software developers, cloud application developers, partner integrators and end users. Our identity and access management solutions are scalable, adaptable and secure. ViewDS specializes in cloud identity management solutions, directory services, access and authorization management solutions, and synchronization tools to enhance the existing product offerings of cloud service providers, systems integrators and value-added resellers.

Our IAM solutions are used across a range of industries with demanding security requirements including:
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Corporate Enterprises
  • Government
  • Defense
  • Aviation
  • Health

And they solve a variety of business problems including: 

  • Identity management services in the cloud
  • Online directories
  • White pages
  • Identity integration & synchronization
  • Policy-based provisioning & access control

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