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About Us

ViewDS Identity Solutions’ suite of innovative Identity and Access Management software products was conceived, designed and developed at the Telstra Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia.

The company specializes in highly intelligent search directories, access and authorization management solutions and synchronization tools to enhance the existing product offerings for both value-added resellers and systems integrators.

The ViewDS Suite, comprising ViewDS Directory Server, Access Sentinel and Identity Bridge, provides the company’s partners with a fast, scalable and flexible identity management infrastructure optimized to support high-speed searches on hierarchically structured data.

ViewDS’ products are deployed in more than 20 countries across Australasia, Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America, in partnership with other vendors and integrators.

With trusted identity solutions and the assurance of adding value to applications, ViewDS’ products have achieved visible, sustainable results in sectors including local and Federal Government, Defense and Health.


Latest News

ViewDS 7.3 Patch 2 Now Available
09 April 2014

This patch fixes a number of issues that have been discovered within the following ViewDS components: ViewDS Directory Server ViewDS Management Agent ViewDS Access Presence ViewDS Access Sentin...
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Securing Layer 7 SOA Gateway with Access Sentinel
26 February 2014

As your authorization requirements mature, you will find yourself moving down the path of externalized authorization management. This new blog post from Andrew Sciberras presents a simple tutorial for...
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KuppingerCole's IAM Experts Day
12 February 2014

ViewDS Product Manager Andrew Sciberras will be attending KuppingerCole's IAM Experts Day in Canberra next Wednesday 19th February. Find out more about the event here....
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Identity Bridge 1.0 Available Now
30 January 2014

ViewDS today announced the release of Identity Bridge 1.0.Identity Bridge is a powerful yet simple to use identity synchronization and provisioning solution that provides seamless integration of data ...
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ViewDS at RSA 2014
30 January 2014

ViewDS' Gil Kirkpatrick, David Rolls and Dave Wilson will be attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco from 24 - 28 February. If you are also planning to attend and would like to say "Hello&q...
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